This GrowSkills blog aims to explore what exactly Schema Markup is and how you can incorporate it into your strategy to boost your SEO!

What Is Schema Markup?

In a nutshell, Schema Markup is often referred to as Structured Data and is a form of microdata. This piece of data is added to a webpage to create an enhanced description which appears in search results.

Let’s break this down. It’s code. 

This code allows search engines to understand the content on your website clearly. From this, it can produce rich snippets (these are the descriptions placed under the page title) that provide clear and accurate information about your site, to the search engine user.

Schema Markup, Structured Data,, however, we want to refer to it, is a concept often thrown into the conversation by web developers, aka the technical talkers. 

No matter how smart we think Google is, and trust us, it’s smart, it still needs a little help to understand the content on your web pages. This is where Schema Markup comes in! Schema Markup is the language of search engines, a unique vocabulary that explains to Google exactly what it is that your web page is presenting to its visitors.

Why Is It Important?

At the centre of all search engines is the user experience. Google and other search engines such as Bing rank websites depending on many factors, all coming down to how relevant the information is and how easy it is to navigate for users.

Understanding more about webpages that show up in SERPs is a crucial deciding factor for whether your webpage gets clicks. If there is no information, users will likely keep scrolling.

Schema Markup isn’t an SEO hack, more of an essential for search engines to find and display your web content. You could in fact increase your Click Through Rate by 30% with Schema Markup.

Improving the way your information is displayed on SERPs, improves the user experience and therefore boosts your rankings, it’s really that simple!

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