A PPC Ad (Pay Per Click Ad) Campaign is important to have in your SEO strategy as it brings in immediate results. Successful PPC Ads can generate leads, increase ROI and of course, drive traffic to your site! Here are our top tips for running a PPC Ad.

Optimise Your Website

Before running a PPC Ad, it’s important that you do the work on your website. People click on Ads because they like the look of the content – if this then leads them to a page ofirrelevant content on your site, they won’t stay! Sure, you still get the results from the PPC Ad, but an unotpimised webpage does nothing for the user experience.

Set A Budget

Budget is important! And the good news is, you can run a PPC Ad on a low budget. Setting a clear budget allows you to track and calculate your cost-per-conversion and monitor how well the ad is performing. Setting a budget avoids the risk of spending too much and resulting in less profit from your ads.

Track Your Ad

Unfortunately, once the PPC Ad is up, this is where the real work begins. Because you are putting money behind this ad, it’s really important that you closely monitor the analytics of its performance.

Try A/B testing to initially gather results – two nearly identical ads with maybe a different CTA and see which one gets the best results! Nobody wants to waste money on a non-effective ad!

Fun PPC Ad Facts

Google drives 95% of all PPC Ads mobile.

PPC Converts Higher Than Organic Traffic

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