When releasing a website to Google, the biggest expectation is for your website to appear at number one, the second you go live. There are a number of ranking expectations that business owners have, that are sometimes far from reality. There are 210 known factors in Google’s ranking algorithm, some of which make our expectations far from real.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Sure, we have many expectations when it comes to ranking on the first page of Google. This infographic acts as your handy guide on how to make those ranking expectations a reality!

Content Is King

You’ve passed stage one, you have a domain name and a website. Your expectation might be that this domain name will start to rank immediately! You’re not entirely wrong, it’s out there, on Google somewhere, but to make it to page one, the Google crawlers really want to see some relevant and useful content on there, fighting for its place at number one! Don’t undermine the power of good content!

Search Intent

Another of Google’s ranking factors is search intent. You may expect that you know who your audience is and what exactly they are searching for to find your pages, you are likely to be surprised here! Using sites such as Answer The Public is a brilliant way to gain insight into what people are searching surrounding your keywords. This then helps you produce the content that the people want!

Mobile Friendly

This is a relatively new ranking factor in the grand scheme of Google, but important nonetheless! You may expect when creating your website, that it will look the same on all devices, or, going back to knowing your audience, a common misconception may be “my visitors are all on desktop”. 63% of Google searches come from mobile, so having a responsive website is a brilliant way to rank higher on SERPs.

Some SEO Statistics

68% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Google currently holds 91.94% of the total search engine market share.

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