Paid Social Media Ads Guide

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More and more businesses are finding a want or need to invest in Paid Social Media Ads. Here, we offer a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about this type of marketing – the what, the why and the how.

What Are Paid Social Media Ads?

The key is the name! Social Media Ads that you pay for! Sponsored Ads on your social media channels intend to capture more eyes than organic content. Target ads directed at target audiences.

As with any type of content, each social media platform has its own regulations when it comes to Paid Advertising.

Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook allows users to create both video and image Paid Ads. With a step. by step guide, Facebook will enable users, from any business, with varying expertise in paid marketing strategies, to create Paid Social Media Ads.

Instagram Paid Ads

One of the most crucial things for an Instagram user to consider is audio. Often with Instagram reels (one of the most popular formats of content), a snippet of the Paid Ad is shown to users without audio – so don’t rely heavily on video audio when it comes to Sponsored Ads! Instagram, like Facebook, allows users to post both image and video ads.

LinkedIn Paid Ads

Known for promoting B2B content, Paid Ads on LinkedIn do best when they deviate from the ‘sales’ tone of voice. Catchy headlines and interesting images are the way to go when it comes to Paid Ads on LinkedIn.

Fun Facts On Paid Social Media Ads

Paid advertisements have a 200% ROI.

Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

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