Information Architecture and Internal Linking

Information Architecture and Internal Linking Graphic

Links are important. Something you’ve probably heard every person in the SEO community mention. Sometimes it may even feel like it’s the backbone of a good SEO strategy. We always talk about external links, high domain links, and backlinks but often spend less time talking about internal links.

One of the easiest links for us to make – links to our own site.

Information Architecture

IA – Information Architecture – has a goal: organising content in a way that is both effective and sustainable. The easier users can find information, the more sufficient your IA is proving to be.

Your IA should be helping users to understand where they are, the information they’ve found, and what other things are around to check out. Putting this analogy into website talk would be this: the page they have landed on, the content that is there, and other pages that may be relevant to their original search term.

IA Structure

When you go about structuring and labelling the content of your site, knowing how to organise is an important factor.

Organising based on keywords and topics can help in the success of your page targeting because the content is a direct answer to a user’s query. And including internal links to relevant pages or posts can help just as much as it tells both the user and Google that you have other relevant, useful, and credible information that will be helpful for them.

For users, it provides answers. For Google, it provides a direct link for the crawlers to analyse and assess and also connects the pages under a similar topic.

The whole point of the IA structure here, then, is that rather than just creating a really well organised site, it also gives pathways. Think of it as a corridor. Something that connects each page to another.

Facts to Explore

Breadcrumbs are navigational elements designed to help the user experience of a website by leaving a trail of where a user is browsing on the site.

So, are Hansel and Gretel the founders of breadcrumb trails…?

In-Page navigational links are one of the oldest forms of navigation on the web. Back when the web was new and simple and the wider tech world of the inter-web was being explored.

Internal links help search engines index pages on your site when Google follows a link from a known page to a new page.

For top ranking pages, the median number of internal links they had was 85.

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