How To Write A Product Description

how to write a product description

A guide on how to write a product description.

Do you run an e-commerce site? Do you sell products? A product description is the marketing copy that comes with the product, explaining what it is and why the user needs it!

A good product description explains the features and benefits of the product, making buyers move down the conversion funnel.

So how do you write a good product description? Here are our top tips!

Focus On The Buyer

When writing a product description, it’s important to focus on the buyer. Speak to the market that is likely to buy. Producing a wishy-washy description to speak to as many visitors as possible doesn’t result in sales. Instead, know your audience and speak to them. Use words like ‘you’ to engage them and make the description personal. Drawing them in with a conversational description is a great way to keep them engaged. They want to know what your product does for them.

Entice With Benefits

A good product description should include benefits. Again, a buyer wants to know why your product is right for them – so tell them! People are less interested in technical features and specs and instead just want to know if the product ticks their boxes. Think about how your product addresses your audience’s pain points – what problems will it solve?

Tempt With Social Proof

Sure, your product description can explain the features and benefits – but will the buyer trust you? Don’t just leave it up to yourself to prove it. Buyers often look for suggestions and can be swayed by the highest number of reviews and testimonials. Integrate social media channels into your product pages so that buyers can see the product IRL! Highlight customer favourites and draw buyers in with product popularity.

Facts To Remember

87% of consumers rate product descriptions as ‘extremely important’  when buying online.

50% of online buyers return an item that doesn’t match the product description

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