How To Get Traffic To Stay For Longer

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Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but keeping them there? There are a number of ways in which you can get traffic to stay for longer. This guide is less about the signs pointing to your site and the ranking methods but more about the content on your site and how it can keep site visitors on your pages for a while.

Sure, getting them to your site in the first place is most certainly valuable. But what particularly makes them stay? This guide gives 3 top tips on how to get traffic to stay for longer.

Internal Links

The importance of both internal and external links are crucial when designing a web page. But what is the importance of internal links

Internal links – links that lead to other pages within your website. These help crawlers dictate the relevance of your pages.

Internal links allow traffic to stay for longer as they travel from one page to another within your site looking for the relevant information.


Human beings have a short attention span. Long form written content with no breaks is a real turn off for your site’s visitors. Using short copy, videos, images and even podcasts to present content in a different way is a brilliant way of keeping traffic on your site for longer. Many internet users would much rather watch a video or see an infographic than scroll through pages of copy.

Short, Punchy Text

Multimedia leads us here. Web copy needs to be short and punchy. Interesting headings and clearly signposted information are the easiest way to keep traffic on your site for longer. Web copy is not the same as blog copy. Avoid the lengthy descriptions and storytelling when it comes to copy on your web pages, get to the point and give the visitors the information they need, or else they will go elsewhere to find it!

Web Traffic Facts

On average, internet users only take 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) to make their minds up about your website.

75% of consumers say they’ll form an opinion about a company and its credibility. based only on its website

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