How To Find Keywords

Infographic for GrowSkills on How To Find Keywords

Researching keywords is the first and arguably the most important step when starting your SEO strategy. The aim of your strategy is to get your website noticed by the searchers! Keyword research will enable you to create content around relevant search terms associated with your business.

Here are the top tips for finding keywords!

Study Your Niche

Before figuring out what the best keywords for you are,
it is important that you study your niche. What makes
you stand out in the first place? Why do you deserve to
be on the market? Learning more about your topic, by
engaging in conversations, and getting involved with
online communities, will give you a better idea of what
your website has to offer.

Define Your Goals

To have a plan, you need to have an end goal.
Knowing what you want your website to achieve
and what you want your customers to do, helps
you develop an SEO strategy. Understanding
your brand’s mission provides you with a
framework for your content.

Research Competitors

There are likely other sites out there with the same
mission as you. It is important that you develop a wide
knowledge of the playing field within your industry. To be
number one, you need to beat number one! You can see
what keywords your competitors are using (and are
working!) but also find keyword opportunity gaps in the

Use Good Keyword Research Tools

Once you have explored your business’ key topics
and have looked at the keywords out there – it is time
to find your own! Using sites such as SE Ranking and
SEMRush allow you to search for keywords, as well
as see how they are ranking in the Search Engines.
This helps you pick the best ones!

Be sure to include
keyphrases on your
site to make it

Focus on one
keyword per
page, with two
or three SEO