SEO has many elements to it but technical SEO refers to the more behind-the-scenes tasks that are done to promote organic growth. Such as site architecture, also known as information architecture (IA), mobile optimisation, and page loading speeds.

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Tech SEO: The Basics

Anything done to your site which makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index is technical SEO. The main goal of technical SEO is to improve your rankings – to make yourself a known presence on the SERPs.

Understanding Crawling

Within the SEO biz, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the term ‘crawling’ more than once. We’ve even mentioned it here already. Crawling is the technique used by search engines in which they take content from pages, and can use links to get to more pages.

It’s something you have very little control over but it is possible. A robots.txt file, for instance, lets a search engine know where you have both allowed and not allowed it to go.


Pages that you want found need to be indexed in search engines like Google. Which is why they need a robots meta tag – HTML snippet – to tell them how to crawl or index that specific page.

Using a ‘noindex’ tag, for example, tells a search engine not to index that page. Sometimes this is done on sites to ‘offload’ multiple versions of the same page.


Reclaiming lost links – websites may change their URLs throughout the years. They might have a rebrand or a change in the company name that requires the URLs to reflect that. In instances like these, the old URLs still have links from other sites and when not redirected, they no longer count towards your page.

They become lost links. But by reclaiming lost links, you can reclaim lost value, too.

Mobile friendly – So much traffic is from mobile devices, and your site needs to work with that. Loading speeds, design layout, and content formatting need to be compatible with users viewing from their mobile.

Facts To Remember

Google can index pages it can’t crawl by using links that point to those pages.

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect.

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