Facebook Post Template

facebook post template

Use this template to make your Facebook post.

Top Tips For Creating A Facebook Post:

When posting on Facebook, it’s important to acknowledge the target audience. Facebook is a social media site which revolves around personal connections and broadening communities.

Posting numerous, pressing sales messages will likely result in the opposite of what you want – less engagement. When promoting your business on social media, specifically with Facebook posts, it’s important to acknowledge the need for a blend of content, 80% of it being, personable.

Personable Content Includes:

Day in the life



What is going on in the office

Celebrations and Events


Structure Of A Facebook Post

A Facebook post should be structured in the following way:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • Body of the text (be concise here)
  • Call to action

It is always useful to add an image that is relevant to the post too!

GrowSkills Can Help!

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