Crib Sheet For SEO Optimising A Blog Post

Optimising A Blog Post

In our resources, you will already find guides on how to write a blog post and how to upload a blog. They both briefly touch on the importance of optimising your blog post, but below we’ve included a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to do before you click ‘publish’ on your new post. Here is our crib sheet for SEO optimising a blog post!

Blog Post Optimisation Checklist

  1. Is the post more than 700 words, excluding images and infographics?
  2. Is the keyword at the beginning of the H1 Tag?
  3. Is the keyword in the first sentence/paragraph?
  4. Is there a ‘read more’ toggle?
  5. Have you linked to some internal pages on the same website?
  6. Have you used a relevant word/phrase as the link text? i.e. ‘Contact Us here’ has the link on ‘contact us’ rather than ‘here’.
  7. Have you linked to an external page?
  8. Are the subtitles H2 Tags?
  9. Do they contain the keyword variants?
  10. Is there a call to action at the bottom with a link to the ‘contact us’ page?
  11. Have you added a few tags of keyword variants (around 5)
  12. Are there images with an appropriate image title?
  13. Do the images have Alt Text with a keyword? (e.g.: image of red pencil to illustrate blog by GrowTraffic, SEO experts)
  14. Are the images properly spaced out and aligned in the copy?
  15. Have you categorised the post correctly?
  16. Is there an ‘on brand’ featured image with alt text AND does it look ok on the front page? You might need to make one in Canva. Keep it consistent
  17. Is the focus keyword specified?
  18. Is the meta tag between 120 and 160 characters with spaces?
  19. Does the meta tag contain the keyword and a variant?
  20. Final spell and grammar check.
  21. ‘Preview’ to check on the front end.
  22. Check the date it is being published on.
  23. Publish and share

If you’ve read through this list and realised a few of the terms aren’t quite making sense, please refer to our blog writing guide for further background information.