Facebook Ads is a budget friendly, highly customisable to set up ads for your target audiences. The social media platform averages 1.09 billion daily active users so it is definitely a good place to start when running ad campaigns for your business. Facebook has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses. In the past few years, as organic reach on Facebook has declined, savvy marketers have been advertising on Facebook to get results.

Here are our top tips to creating a successful Facebook Ad Campaign.

Narrow Your Audience

Facebook Targeting allows you to narrow your audience on the platform. We advise when you write any content on your website, to study your niche and make it speak to a smaller, more targeted audience. This is the same when it comes to social media and advertising. Creating ads that look spammy and talk to everyone, is less likely to draw people in.

Include Images

Not just images, but images that match what the advertising content is trying to sell! Ensuring that the ad copy goes with the visual is an easy way of making your business look clean, reliable and trust worthy – all reasons someone would invest in you! Facebook users aren’t there to read a whole sales pitch, use short, jargon free copy with great visuals to grab their attention.

Stay Focused

Only use one call to action on a Facebook Ad. Those on Facebook are often there for quick scrolling and so a confusing ad with lots of clunky copy and calls to action will just make the user scroll on and ignore it. Equally, if you want Facebook users to know what to do when it comes to your ads, use one clear call to action button.

Good To Know Statistics

Over 72% of Facebook users also use YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Facebook is the favorite social platform of the 35-44 demographic

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