A landing page is certainly up there when discussing the ‘must haves’ for a website. This blog aims to highlight campaign landing pages, what they are, why we need them and how to create one.

What Is A Campaign Landing Page?

The campaign landing page is the page that your website visitors immediately arrive to after clicking links in:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • SERPs
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Ads

In a nutshell, any campaign you run whether it be in your emails or on your social media channels should follow through to the campaign landing page. 

Why Do We Need A Campaign Landing Page?

The goal of a campaign landing page is to convert! Piquing their interest in the email newsletter, for example, driving them toward your website and in turn, getting them closer to becoming a paying customer.

The campaign landing page is a stand-alone page and is created specifically for the campaign you are wanting to draw visitors to. 

Campaign landing pages, unlike other web pages on your website, have one single focus – to get the customers in (and move them further down the marketing funnel).

How To Create A Campaign Landing Page

Firstly, make sure it ties into your campaign! The same keywords, images and sales messages that you use in the other areas of your digital marketing strategy should be present on the campaign landing page. Make it dummy-proof! Make sure it’s super clear what the message of the campaign is – everywhere!

Here are some top tips on creating a campaign landing page.

Create A Benefit Focused Headline

Within seconds, your visitors should know what’s in it for them! This will keep the bounce rate low!  Make it clear in the headline – what are you offering?

Focus on Imagery

Preferably the same or similar images that you use elsewhere in your campaign – make the landing page recognisable to them. Make the visuals relevant to your target audience, images should convey feelings.

Write Good Copy!

As with any web page, the copy is what will sell your call to action. Make it clear and concise. Landing pages aren’t the space for long narratives but instead – punchy snippets of text. What will they get out of it and what do they need to do? Get them in quickly.

Helping You With Campaign Landing Pages At GrowSkills

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