Boosting TikTok Engagement

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The rising star. TikTok has and continues to grow in popularity. This year, we expect more and more businesses to turn to TikTok and platforms alike, producing eye-catching, short-form video content to catch the attention of potential customers. We encourage this!

There are a few tips and tricks we have up our sleeve in order to boost TikTok engagement and ensure that your social media efforts most definitely don’t go unnoticed.

Reply To Comments With A New Video

Keep the stream of content going! As with any social media platform, replying to customers and acknowledging followers is essential. However, with TikTok, you can go that one step further. Responding to comments with another video makes your followers feel engaged and gives you an excuse to publish more content.

Utilise All Features

In March 2021, TikTok launched a new Q&A feature that allows creators to add question and answer sections to their profiles. Utilising features like this results in you creating relevant content, bettering the relationship with your followers.

Follow The Three-Second Rule

Attention spans are shorter than ever, and by the looks of things, only getting shorter! The first three seconds of any video content you publish, specifically on TikTok needs to be interesting enough for people to stop scrolling. Also, if viewers watch your content for longer than three seconds, the algorithm pushes it onto more “For You” pages.

How To Work Out Your TikTok Engagement

Likes + Comments + Shares divided by Total Number of Followers = Engagement Score

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TikTok Engagement Statistics

TikTok officially has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Good engagement on Tik Tok is usually between 4% and 18%.