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Increasing organic Twitter engagement can seem a very challenging task for brands. Especially considering the amount of content that is produced on Twitter every single day. Thousands of tweets refreshing throughout the Feed constantly.

To the point where consumers are overwhelmed.

However, this mass content production also produces a high-quality demand. If consumers are interacting with any media-related posts, they don’t want to bore themselves. Tweets are short for a reason. Which is why eye-catching content is important.

It’s easy for yours to get lost. Boosting engagement on Twitter can ensure that your Tweets are not only visible to your audience but are being interacted with.

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Tips For Boosting Engagement


One of the best ways to reach any kind of audience is to tweet in a way that they’ll relate to. Don’t tweet monotonous, computer generated-style tweets and instead tweet like you’re sending a personal message. You need to be able to speak the lingo of the audience you’re targeting.

Having a central, human voice allows a relationship to build between brand and consumer. It also helps to improve engagement.


When tweeting, using GIFs, short-form videos, and memes is a great way to stay on trend and up to date. If you can monitor the recent trends, you can see what’s trending and within which audience. Plus, you can even monitor across accounts like Instagram.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a tweet posted on Twitter and then found it again on Instagram a few days later. It happens a lot!

Prioritise Your Audience

Okay. We’ll say it. Not every tweet needs to include a demand or call to action.

Creating for the sake of creating is what will benefit you in the long run. If you post content that focuses on the audience and their needs, you significantly increase your chances at long-lasting engagements.

Facts To Remember

A great reply can be just as successful as a good Tweet.

Twitter Analytics has plenty of useful info about viewers, interactions, engagement, and profile visits just from one Tweet.

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