Boosting Engagement On Instagram

boosting instagram engagement

Want to get ahead on Instagram but not sure how? Take a look at our simple guide below.

Engagement Is Key

Much like other social media platforms, the number of followers you have on Instagram is not necessarily an indication of success. You could have a million followers but if none of your followers engages with your content then your audience is essentially useless (in terms of marketing to them!)

You should measure success by how engaged your audience is. Engagement is followers reacting to your content so could be via likes, shares/reposts, and of course comments.

On Instagram, there are so-called ‘micro influencers’ that have as few as 3000 followers, but they are successful anyway because the audience they do have are very engaged and want to interact.

So, if follower interaction rules on Instagram…what can you do to boost engagement?

9 Tips For Boosting Instagram Engagement

Be Consistent

Be consistent with the frequency and timing of your posts. Followers like to know what they’re getting when they follow you, will become accustomed to your posting style and ultimately start to anticipate your content.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an area where content creators can get things very wrong. Research relevant hashtags and use up to 20 per post to ensure your content reaches the right people.

Visual Style

Another consistency message. Choose a visual style and stick to it. Even if this means using the same filter for all your posts. Instagram is still very much about visual appeal.

Use Stories & Reels

Video content is becoming much more standard on Instagram. If you aren’t making use of stories or reels then your audience will find it unusual and won’t engage.

Ask Questions

An easy engagement boosting technique on Instagram is the polls and questions box features on stories. Ask your followers questions and prompt them to ask you questions.

Don’t Overdo It

Posting too much, making every post seem like it’s the biggest news in the world, or coming on too strongly can seem ‘desperate’. Don’t turn followers off by being over-enthusiastic!

Tag Others

Mentioning other accounts on your profile can help boost engagement. It also expands your reach and may gain you new fans.

Longer/Live Videos

You can now post 60-minute-long videos in your Instagram feed so experiment with longer videos to see how your engagement fairs. You could also try going live on Instagram to interact with your followers.

Be Authentic

Almost a cliché, but authenticity is really valued on Instagram. Take the time to be genuine with followers. Talk to and get to know them.