Boosting Engagement On Facebook

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Please use the following tips to boost your engagement on your Facebook business page.

Facebook engagement refers to how your Facebook audience interacts with your page and posts. This includes commenting on, reacting to and sharing posts.

Boosting engagement on Facebook is very important as it increases the size of your Facebook audience, puts your brand in front of new Facebook users and directs traffic to your website.

1.      Use A Scheduling Tool To Post At The Perfect Time

Did you know that posting at a specific time and day can increase engagement on Facebook? Research has repeatedly demonstrated that there are optimal times to post on Facebook and other social media platforms.

These optimal times may change depending on the time of years, algorithm updates and social media trends.

Statistically speaking, the best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday between 11-2pm. Check out the best times to post on other social media platforms in this GrowSkills infographic.

Obviously, we can’t always be free at a certain time on a certain day to post on Facebook. That’s why scheduling tools are so useful.

Scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite and Social Pilot allow you to schedule a series of posts and will publish them at a date and time of your choosing. Hootsuite has a free plan.

2.      React To Engagement

Boost engagement on Facebook by reacting to audience interactions. For example, if a Facebook user comments on your post, reply to their comment as soon as you can. Or if someone shares your post, comment on their shared post thanking them for the share.

Timely responses are important and will encourage your audience to continue interacting with your posts.

3.      Analyse Your Past Posts

Did one of your posts get a lot of love or strike up a conversation? Why did your audience like it so much? By analysing successful past posts, you can create similar posts that will gain engagement. Using Facebook Page Insights, you can clearly see which posts are more successful than others.

4.      Keep Posts Short

The vast majority of your Facebook audience will be using the platform via a smartphone. With this in mind, keep posts text short and snippy, otherwise, it will look super long when reading it on a phone screen. Keeping posts short will also encourage people to stop and read them.

5.      Post Quality Visual Content

Video content is currently the best type of content to post on Facebook. Both the Facebook audience and the Facebook algorithms love video content. If you are serious about boosting engagement, you need to be posting quality video content that is tailored to Facebook i.e. the correct size. Videos should be kept short where possible.

6.      Be Active In Facebook Groups

There is a Facebook group for absolutely everything. If you want to increase awareness of your Facebook page and boost engagement, you should aim to be active in Facebook groups. For example, if your business has a shop in a town or city, look for Facebook groups for that location and join them.

Similarly, if there are Facebook groups related to your industry, join them. By joining Facebook groups as your business page, any comments/likes you make within the group will appear as your Facebook page.

You could also create your own Facebook group to encourage interaction and build a community. For example, if you sell makeup or haircare products, you could create a group for people to share tips and knowledge and ask for advice.

7.      Use Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are placed right at the very top of Facebook and are the first thing a Facebook user sees when they open the Facebook app. By posting Facebook stories, your brand will be one of the first things a Facebook user sees.

Stories are a great place to share your popular posts to get more engagement. Sharing customer/fan posts to your stories can also be great for engagement. In addition, you can create graphics for Facebook stories using Canva.

8.      Take Advantage Of A Trending Topic

Piggybacking on topics that are trending on Facebook can be a great way to boost engagement. Whether it is a pop culture moment, a huge news story or a new Netflix release, some topics take Facebook by storm.

The frenzy may only last a few days, but during this time, the trending topic will get a ton of engagement. Aside from boosting engagement, creating posts based on a trending topic will make your brand relatable.

9.      Go Live

Facebook Lives allow you to communicate with your Facebook audience in real-time. Your Facebook audience can watch your life, comment on it and interact with it. As mentioned above, Facebook loves video content right now.

Ideas for when to go live:

  • When attending or hosting an event
  • Sharing big company news
  • Launching a new product
  • Audience Q&A
  • Interviewing/chatting to a customer/industry expert/influencer
  • Promoting an upcoming event
  • Promoting a new product or service
  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • Discuss trending topics

10. Include A Call To Action Button

Your Facebook business page will have a button at the top of your page. It is one of the first things a Facebook user sees if they click through to your business page.

You can edit this button depending on what action you want your audience to take. For example, the button may encourage the audience to contact you, book an appointment, shop now or visit your website.