About Us

Support, accountability, knowledge.

Grow your skills, grow your business.

About Us

GrowSkills is brought to you by GrowTraffic. We are on a mission to support British enterprises in reaching their potential.

SEO is not complicated. It is not black magic. It is a skill that can be taught. And we are here to teach you that skill.

Grow your business and your skills to increase revenue, grow brand awareness, and build a sustained pipeline.  

The GrowTraffic team have been teaching small business owners how to do their own SEO and digital marketing for over a decade and have our own unique brand of jargon free explanations.

Our team are working hard to bring you the freshest SEO knowledge, the clearest guides, and the juiciest tips that really work to grow your business and your skills.

The Gang

Rachel, Hannah, Dalley, and Elicia have been working together at GrowTraffic since 2017. 

Gathered together from a range of backgrounds, we formed a sort of SEO supergroup. 


Rachel: Copywriter extraordinaire, Rachel is a pedantic English Literature graduate. She has made a career out of explaining complicated things in a really simple way. She likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. 


Dalley: SEO super nerd, Dalley is a self labelled maverick with a long history in digital marketing. He loves keeping up to date with the latest algorithm updates. He likes big butts and he cannot lie. 


Elicia: Marketing magician, Elicia is OBSESSED with ethical marketing. She also has a super keen eye for design and creates really beautiful graphics. She likes to move it move it. 


Hannah: The ‘strict parent’ of the group, Hannah keeps them all in line. She brings a history of business and services development, a love of processes, and great teeth. She likes the way you move. 


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